Stan & Lucie Pre-Wed

Stan & Lucie Pre-Wed

We went to Ouseburn, Newcastle's creative quarter.  It has great backdrops and the light was beautiful and heartwarming that night.

A Pre-Wed shoot was a little outside their natural comfort zone, so I helped them to go with the flow and just be natural.

I was sensitive to their feelings and a few minutes in, Lucie decided, "I need a double vodka!".  

They are such an adorable couple. 

I really enjoyed our evening  and getting to know them that much better before their wedding.

Stan & Lucie's Wedding

Stan & Lucie wed

A perfect day in the beautiful surroundings of Newton Hall on the Northumberland coast.  

I arrived as the excitement of morning preparations was building. The  Master of Ceremonies stood proud in fine tartan, red blazer and polished black brogues.   

Lucie, talented artist that she is, made lovely details to personalise the venue. I still fondly remember the old school milk bottles and delicate flower arrangements.  

Stan is the perfect gentleman, reserved and ever respectful. I knew he wasn't comfortable posing for photographs so I changed lenses and kept a distance, capturing charming natural shots.  

Amy & Prask

Amy & Prask Wed

Nature and new life abounded all around; the apples were deep red, the marrows were juicy plump. 

The wedding venue Capheaton Hall is deep within Northumbrian countryside, surrounded by breathtaking landscapes. 

The newly opened West Wing of the Manor House had incredible elegance and epic historic character.  

Amy looked so elegant, a natural beauty, her smile beamed all day long.  She wore a 1950s dress with pheasant feathers in her hair, perfectly complementing Prask's tailor-made tweed.

They are a stunning couple and their devotion to each other is a thing to behold. 

Alison & Xennon

Alison & Xennon Wed

This wedding reminds me of rare autumnal warmth and the purity of young love.   

When I arrived early morning, I confess I was slightly overwhelmed by the sheer number of bridesmaids, all applying make-up, drinking Cava and eating bacon butties. It was great!  All eight bridesmaids had their own individual style of dress.

Next door, Xennon was getting ready with his posse of best men, all full of banter and struggling with their ties.  

Alison designed her spectacular dress with help from Mooshki Bridal. She looked so gorgeous.

The wedding cake was incredible, bravo to the Cake Garden.

Sian & Matt

Sian & Matt wed

Sian was the calmest, most serene bride I have ever seen.  She wore a vintage dress and totally rocked the frock, coupled with killer high heels.

Her friends are wonderfully creative and personally decorated the venue in their own style.  One arrived from Berlin with a gorgeous handmade necklace, you can see her other great pieces by P O N Y on Facebook.

It all came together perfectly at  Summer Hill Bowling Club. 

The celebrant delivered a lovely, meaningful ceremony  - followed by endless  champagne and tea - and great local beer courtesy of Wylam Brewery.


Nicola & Andrea

Nichola & Andrea

Nicola is incredibly creative and quirky.  

Every time I remember her beautiful face, I bubble up with memories of laughter.  

We first met some years ago, so I was especially delighted to be involved for her wedding with Andrea, a very lovely woman indeed. 

They are a match made in heaven, truly.

Whitby was the perfect choice. 

Sian & Matt Pre-Wed

Sian & matt pre-wed

We shot on the first day of summer. 

Sweet scented flowers mingled with the waft of salty chips through the sea air of Whitley Bay.  

Sian & Matt are free spirits, a real pleasure to photograph.

On the beach I foraged an adorable red plastic flower, with a red heart attached to the stem.  

It was touching to see it again still on their kitchen table, on their wedding morning.

We finished the shoot sharing a plate of chips, petting their (surprisingly) adorable taxidermy baby bird.

VILLAGE Wedding, Tanzania

I had no idea what to expect when I arrived with the bustle of guests brandishing elaborate gifts - plates, pans and sanitary towels aplenty! Women in Sunday best, gnawed at chicken drumsticks, washed down with Kilimanjaro beer.

So refreshing, so real.

The bride and groom appeared, dancing bridesmaids cascading around them, synchronised in tribal skipping, to the soulful beat of the drum. Hand in hand, they cut the ribbon.

To my eyes, the bride looked solemn. Later, I learned that is the tradition, lest they seem too pleased to be leaving the family home.


Asian weddings are vibrant with colours, scents and sounds. 

I respect the traditions, carried out mostly by the matriarchs. The mendhi parties are very intimate and touching.  Women gather to share stories, exchange advice and pamper the bride.   

I love the sound of the drums, the Bhangra beat, the fragrant smells of lovingly prepared home cooking.